Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stick a Fork in Him

He's done.  Obama, that is.

Or so thinks The American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord. 

Why?  Inflation.

Using the prices of grocery store items as a measure, Lord points out that a gallon of milk, for example, has climbed 28 cents in less than four months.  Why is this indicator different than the intricacies and extravagances of TARP, the stimulus package, buying GM, raising the debt limit, the threat of government shutdowns, etc.?  Because everyone, because everyone can see it, feel it, and understand it, whether they're politically aware or not.

While I'm eager to cheer, I'm afraid I'm not so sanguine.

Unemployment under FDR remained north of 15% for almost the whole of the 1930s and he was not only elected, but reelected, and then reelected again.  (And again as well, but that was during the War.)  If ever there was a chance for the GOP to make political hay, surely that was the decade.  But it didn't happen.

The truism, because it's true, is that you can't beat something with nothing and in politics the choice always depends on the alternative.  While The Sage would vote for almost any Republican alternative, including (pardon me while I cough) Donald Trump, I'm not sure a plurality of my fellow Americans feel the same way.
So, we'll have to wait...and pray.

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