Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Even with a day or two to think about it, I'm still of a double mind about whether the budget deal Speaker Boehner managed to cut with President Obama and the congressional Democrats was a good thing or not.  It certainly feels like we should have pushed it further.  Yes, even to the point of a government shutdown.  I fear that by not forcing one now, to demonstrate resolve, we'll end up in exactly the same place again, faced with exactly the same dilemmas, only several hundred billion dollars more in debt.  We'll see.

One thing I do know, however:  But for the stubborn presence of the so-called Tea Party Republicans, no meaningful deal of any kind would have been brokered.  We are witnessing the sure death of the reach-across-the-aisle, stick-it-to-your-own, McCain/Ladies of Maine wing of the Republican Party and if only that was accomplished, it was a pretty good week for the GOP...and for the country. 

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