Monday, April 18, 2011

Even Steven

Over at The American Spectator, W. James Antle, III has a piece arguing that the jig may finally be up on the era of bipartisan hypocrisy with respect to taxes and spending.

Don't worry, he still places the lion's share of the current blame squarely on the Democrats (precisely where it should be placed) and praises the seriousness of the Republican 2012 budget proposal.  But what I liked most was this paragraph:
George W. Bush simultaneously splurged on guns and butter in a feast not seen since Lyndon Johnson was in the White House. He launched two wars, created a new entitlement program, and presided over a vast increase in non-defense discretionary spending, all completely unfunded. While regularly tut-tutting the mess his predecessor has left him, Obama followed up with a spending binge that made Bush look like Calvin Coolidge by comparison.
Now that's the kind of "fair and balanced" editorializing I can live with.

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