Wednesday, April 27, 2011


At long last, President Obama has released his birth certificate for public inspection.  (And, no doubt, the beginning of yet a whole new line of scepticism as well.)

Why now?  Why not three years ago when the controversy first erupted?

Some think it's a ploy, an attempt to make Donald Trump the hero of the "birthers" and thereby saddle the GOP with him as the Party's presumptive favorite.

I don't think they're that smart.  (Notice I didn't say "devious".)

How's this for a simpler explanation?:  There was a poll released just yesterday or the day before in which something like 38% of those asked were at least sympathetic to the "birther" challenge.  I suspect it occurred to the White House, as it occurred to me, that increasing numbers of people were puzzled by Obama's refusal to produce the actual certificate, even if they didn't share the "birther" suspicion that he wasn't actually native born.  That stubborn refusal was beginning to seem as weird as the "birthers'" demands.  With a weak economic recovery (if that), debt as far as the eye can see, anger over Obamacare, confusion over an inconsistent foreign policy, and a host of other non-accomplishments, "weird" was not a word the Obama Campaign needed attached to their candidate as things begin to heat up for the 2012 race.

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