Sunday, October 10, 2010

Raising Flags

This story hits close to home.  Very close, in fact, as King, NC is only 15-20 miles from where the Sage hangs his hat.

So what's happening in King, NC?  The city council has just voted to remove the flag symbolizing Christianity from the group of flags that routinely fly over the town's Veterans War Memorial.  The act has become newsworthy because the citizens of King, in overwhelming numbers, don't like it one bit.

But then neither do the council members, who, it seems, are simply following the advice of their attorney.  He warns them that to continue flying the flag and fight in court the ACLU, which is threatening to sue the city over what it maintains is a clear violation of the First Amendment's non-establishment clause, will cost the town an estimated $200,000-300,000.

What have we come to?   Noone within a hundred-mile radius, at least, of the small community of King is offended by the presence of that flag save those looking to be offended by it.  Or should I say, pretending to be offended by it?

Those who persist in using the First Amendment as a blunt instrument with which a minority can bully a  majority need to be reminded of one cold, hard fact:  The efficacy of that Amendment as a protector of the rights of minorities is only as strong as the good will and support it enjoys from the majority.  One day you will push too far.