Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eden as Anthill

If you don't already know who E.O Wilson is, you need to.  Read this short sympathetic piece in order to get started, but let me help.  You need to know who Wilson is because he's not alone.  Rather, he's representative of a type, almost a caricature of a type, that would, because "science" demands it, reorganize all of human existence into something akin to life in a zoo.  A clean, modern, almost-like-nature zoo, to be sure, but a zoo nonetheless.

Wilson is the famous Harvard champion of sociobiology, the discipline that seeks to explain the social behavior of species with appeals to evolutionary theory.  "Darwin II" as novelist Tom Wolfe called him.  He earned his professional stripes studying the lowly ant and thinks the social life of such insects has much to recommend it to us homo sapiens.  Ah, if only a human were more like an ant.

Let me be clear:  I would rather spend an entire lifetime, hungry and homeless, consigned to little more than crawling on my bloodied hands and knees, wheezing and coughing, desperately sucking in and out whatever remained of adequately oxygenated "clean" air, but as a Free Man still, than spend one day with my belly satisfyingly full, superior health care and housing at hand, locked behind the bars of a pristine zoo, all for my own and everyone else's good, of course, and all altruistically managed by the likes of E.O. Wilson.

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