Thursday, October 7, 2010

Him Again?

America lost an eloquent conservative voice last week with the passing of columnist and author Joseph Sobran.  The Skinny Blond Bomber Ann Coulter, a good friend of his, pays a very nice tribute at her website and does so mostly by posting a sampler of some of his best and most acerbic wit and wisdom.  My favorite will not surprise any of you who follow this blog regularly.  On then President Bill Clinton during his impeachment:
Once again, his defenders, furiously attacking the prosecution and equating opposition with 'conspiracy,' don't dare mount the best defense: 'He's not that sort of man.' It's because Clinton is, supremely, 'that sort of man' that this whole thing has happened. He's a lying lecher, a prevaricating pervert, an utterly slimy crook, without a trace of honor or loyalty, desperately trying to save his own skin one last time.
Sobran knew one when he saw one.  RIP.

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