Friday, November 9, 2012

Strange Affair

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the general reaction to the surprise resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus for the reason of an extra-marital affair a bit curious, curious for more than just the suspicious timing of it?

Remember that this is the same guy who just a few years ago was slandered by the Left and congressional Democrats alike with labels like General Be-Tray-Us.  But now, instead of what has happened being understood, at least in part, as something like condign punishment for his sins in the Iraq War, the response has been more on the order of viewing it as a tragic end to an otherwise exemplary career of public service.

Also, I've yet to hear anyone dare to compare these circumstances and Petraeus's fate with that of former President Bill Clinton.  If the General's resignation was necessary because the affair made him vulnerable to blackmail, a vulnerability that because of his position was extended to the security of the country as well, and this kind of irresponsible behavior from one serving in so high an office is altogether unacceptable, then what of Clinton and his indiscretions?  (Does anyone really believe his dalliances were limited to the unfortunate Ms. Lewinsky?)  I mean it's just sex, right?


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