Sunday, November 11, 2012

And That!

I posted Mark Thiessen's Top Ten Consequences of a Second Obama Term a couple of days ago. (See "Take That!")    Now Matt Purple adds ten more of his own with "Ten Little-Known Consequences of Second Obama Term"  He introduces the list with a reminder of what ought to be obvious to all, but, alas, is not:
Believing in activist government means your work is never finished. You pass a new law that you think combats injustice and inefficiency. Then human nature kicks in and, with great disapprobation, you discover that injustice and inefficiency still exist. So you pass another law, then another. And with no Mitt Romney there to stop you, the Circle of Regulatory Life continues.
Anyway, here's Purple's "Little-Known" Top Ten:
1. More expensive cars 
2. Fewer stethoscopes 
3. Less access to special needs education 
4. So long, free checking accounts 
5. More children in apartment complexes 
6. More pregnant prison guards 
7. More horses at restaurants 
8. Easier miniature golf games 
9. Drier urinals 
10. No more Roll Your Own tobacco
I can almost hear you: "Huh?"

Read it!

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