Saturday, June 9, 2012

Water Fight at the OK Corral

I'm not kidding.  In Tombstone, Arizona, yep, that Tombstone, the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday, the Clantons, only this time they're fighting over a water line.  The "they" is the city of Tombstone and the Feds.

It seems the 26-mile pipeline that has brought mountain spring water to the city since 1881 was damaged in last years fires and the heavy rains that followed.  The city, unsurprisingly, set out to repair the line, but were stopped by the Ferds when they came across, are you ready?, the rare Mexican spotted owl.

For crazy libs this is a glorious twofer.  Not only is the bird on the endangered species list and, therefore, all progress must be halted.  But it's also an illegal alien bird, so all laws are suspended as well.


  1. Hey Huckleberry- if only it was as simple as a shootout in a corral.

  2. Yea, and I know who I'd be cheering for.