Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Are you now or have you ever been...?"

Stanley Kurtz proves again that Barack Obama was once a member of the socialist New Party, a membership that during the 2008 campaign he denied and the liberal press stubbornly, but predictably refused to investigate.  I suspect that no matter how incontrovertible Krurtz's evidence is this time, it will once again elicit little more than a national yawn.

Look, Obama and the Democrat Party of which he's now a member, despite their uncountable and shameless hypocrisies, are socialists.  By any other name, they're still socialists.  You need look no further than the policies they champion for all the evidence you'll ever need, if, that is, you have eyes and ears to see and hear

Our problem is that a substantial plurality of the country either doesn't understand what that fact portends, doesn't care, or, worse, shares the same goal.

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