Monday, June 4, 2012

Death of a Salesman

Erstwhile presidential candidate and all-around sleaze John Edwards was acquitted last week of the only charge that survived an otherwise hung jury.  Unfortunately, his remarks on the courthouse steps after the verdict was announced left open the possibility of a comeback.  Of what kind was left unstated, but we can be sure it won't be in politics.  Edwards may not go to prison for his serial sins, but he has been sentenced to political death nevertheless.

Anyway, I found that these comments about the political life and death of John Edwards written by one "Thirsty McWormwood" for The American Spectator summed it all up quite nicely:
Working class people took one look at this ambulance-chasing pretty-boy, saw him for the shallow hack he was and paid him no mind. Edwards's real constituency was his fellow wealthy upper-class whites, the types who populate the New York Times editorial pages and opinion journals like and the New Republic. His "Two Americas" line appealed to their liberal guilt and sense of noblesse oblige. There just aren't nearly enough of them to win an election. 
Thank God.

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