Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fathers and Sons (and Daughters too)

Do enjoy a belated Father's Day blessing from Taylor Plimpton as he remembers his famous father George (if you don't know who he was, no matter) with a touching post in The New Yorker.  I found this last paragraph just beautiful:
The last time I heard my father’s voice, it was over the telephone. We were both excited...and for a moment we were no longer father and son, but just two big excited boys, each comparing adventures, and I could hear the pride in his voice, the happiness. And I felt such love for my sweet old excited dad at that moment that I thought I would do him the favor of not telling him so, of leaving it unsaid. And so when it was time to say goodbye, we did so simply—no awkwardness, no strangled expressions of affection—and this is why, even though it was the last time we ever spoke, and I would never get the chance again, I do not regret not telling him that I loved him. I only wish I could not tell him again, just one more time. 

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