Thursday, September 22, 2011

Politically Correct Executions

Yesterday two men were executed by their respective states for committing the crime of murder. Both were afforded the presumption of innocence, trial by a jury of their peers, and, as is always the case, almost uncountable appellate reviews.  

"Ga. executes Davis; supporters claim injustice"

"White supremacist executed for Texas dragging"

Only one of the cases excited the attention and passions of liberals and anti-death penalty activists.

Any guesses as to why?


  1. I realize this is a touchy issue; even among evangelical Christians there are differences of opinion about whether or not the death penalty should be carried out. In the end, even those who support the death penalty SHOULD find that it makes them uncomfortable. It's too serious a matter not to. Furthermore, I'm not sure a country that ends 1.5 million lives per year through abortion has shown itself to be a good enough steward of life to wisely, judiciously, level such a punishment. At the very least, it leaves me feeling nervous.

  2. Please don't misunderstand Lavender. My comment had nothing to do with the just or unjust nature of the death penalty. People can disagree. The Left's objections to it, however, are opportunistic at best. They care when they care and don't when they don't. The murderer from Texas was a racist as well, so his execution was, shall we say, less troubling to them.

  3. I certainly agree with you there. Actually, I didn't hear one word from the Left about the execution in TX yesterday. If their issue was with the sanctity of life (and they don't dare go there b/c their position on abortion clearly indicates this isn't so), they would have been all over it. Of course, it never came up. Always good to read your posts!