Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Day Sunshine

By now you've heard of the bankruptcy of the solar-panel making company Solyndra.  This is bad news for the company, its workers, the White House and the Democrats who backed the company, and the American taxpayer who is on the hook for over a half-billion dollars in loan guarantees.

The bright side of this story, however, is exactly the same as the dark side and, on a far grander scale, we can say the same for the failure of the Democrats' nearly one-trillion dollar stimulus package.

The absolute worst thing that could have happened, let me say that again, THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED, would have been for either the company or for the stimulus to have succeeded.  Had they, whatever short-term gains realized would have been realized, long-term failure of even greater proportions would have followed.

The lesson is crucial and, unfortunately, must be reinforced again and again:  No government, irrespective of who happens to be in control at the time, can create economic growth in this fashion.  More importanly, much more importantly, they shouldn't even try.  Our liberty is at stake.

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