Friday, September 2, 2011


D.C. political pundit Charles Krauthammer needs a diversion.  His is baseball and his current enthusiasm is for the hometown Washington Nationals, an almost-but-not-quite-yet team.  He writes, beautifully, about both it and them in today's National Review Online.

The other famous baseball fan pundit is of course George Will and it occurs to me that he, like Krauthammer, is a conservative.  Which prompts the question:  Are there any liberal pundits similarly interested in baseball, in any pastime for that matter, in anything other than politics 24/7?

There may well be, but it is hard to imagine, isn't it, much less come up with a name?

That, I submit, as well as anything, serves to describe and define the differences between the two ideologies.


  1. Hmmm? Are sports, for Olbermann, genuine pastimes, that is, an end in themselves, or mostly a means to another end? In his case, does he follow them chiefly for the simple love and enjoyment of the game and the spectacle that attends or do they afford for him just another opportunity to show off and pontificate?

    I don't have to answer that for you, do I?

  2. last night at the Nationals-Mets game, I overheard conversation from behind it; turns out it was the published of the American Prospect. I should have told him I thought it was a good representative of that viewpoint, but instead I teased him about how Clarence Thomas had become the new hero of the New Yorker, etc. He declared himself on vacation.

  3. corrections: he was the publisher of the American Prospect. And he was probably a Mets fan.