Friday, September 16, 2011

Ford Tough

Here's something I thought I'd never see. 

It seems Ford Motor Company is now encouraging you to buy their products over Chrysler's and GM's because they didn't get a government bailout.

I say I thought I'd never see this because contrary to popular belief, Big Business doesn't control everything, or even much of anything from behind the scenes.  Rather, Big Government does.  No, wait, Big Government does so now without even feeling anymore the need for the pretense of curtains, and Wizards, and Emerald Cities.

Big Government, straight-up and in your face, can and much too often does make the lives of small and large companies alike miserable, not to mention much more expensive as well.  It does this through the passing of laws, the imposition of regulations, the interpretation of those regulations, prosecutions, threats of the same, congressional hearings, etc.  As a result, Big Business normally finds it much more in its interest to placate rather than antagonize Big Government.  Hence all the multiples of millions, passed on to the consumer always and necessarily, spent on DC lobbyists.

Therefore, my surprise at Ford's ad.

God bless'em.

All other things being equal, buy a Ford, would ya?

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