Thursday, June 23, 2011

"SlutWalks" and "Elevator Eyes"

From the jargon of contemporary feminism.

"SlutWalks" I've highlighted briefly before, but for the uninitiated it's the practice of young coeds dressing like, well, sluts, and then assembling together for the purpose of parading about the campus in order to demonstrate and demand their right to dress and act like sluts without consequence.

"Elevator eyes" is the unwelcome reaction of apparently far too many young men when confronted by young women dressed like sluts.  That is, they check them out from top to bottom, then back to the top again, doubtless pausing at a few floors along the way.  According to the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, this practice is and should be grounds for disciplinary action.

So let me get this straight:  The next time I encounter an assemblage of young women parading about as sluts in order to draw public attention to their plight, whatever else I do, I should not notice them?

Got it.

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