Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shed Nary a Tear

Most Americans have finally concluded that John Edwards is in fact the creep he always was.  Therefore, they'll likely give his looming trial the attention it deserves, i.e., none.

But, believe it or not, some, like the the Washington Post, cling to the twisted notion that there is something tragic about the rise and fall of the former senator, presidential, and vice-presidential candidate.  Not so says the always reliable Mona Charen:
In fact, John Edwards,...who, in his own words, “represent[ed] people who were in very difficult places in their lives and tr[ied] to give them a shot,” made his fortune as an ambulance chaser. No one who examined his career as a fortune-hunting, slick, and unscrupulous trial lawyer should find any inconsistency in his later incarnation as a manipulative, mendacious, and morally bankrupt politician.

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