Sunday, June 26, 2011

Liberal Sports Illustrated

Imagine the perfect liberal sport:  Soccer, of course. First, because it's clearly number one throughout the rest of the world.  But chiefly because it's neither the, nor even an American pastime.  (The uncountable youth soccer leagues don't count because, after age 10 or so, few ever play again and even fewer ever pay attention again.)

Imagine the perfect liberal sports fan:  Non-American is good, but anti-American is better.

Imagine the perfect liberal sports setting:  This one's trickier.  An American stadium, but filled with anti-American soccer fans.

Well, imagine no more.


  1. When Fernando pitched at Dodger Stadium, he was noisily received with Mexican flags--no problems, Reagan's president, etc. 20 years later a lot has changed.....

  2. Indeed. Particular regional (Texas, the South, e.g.) or ethnic (Irish, Italian, Mexican, e.g.) pride is all well and good. In fact, we Americans love it. But anti-Americanism is of an altogether different and dangerous order.