Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a Mess!

As if we needed more evidence that the Democrat Party, and the American Left that underwrites it, simply cannot be trusted with the foreign policy of the United States.  At least the President has pledged, to a foreign news outlet no less, not to us, that "absolutely" no American ground forces would ever land in Libya.

This is an otherwise strange and foolish thing to promise when your objective at least once was the overthrow of the current regime.  But can you imagine Obama and Company deciding, then un-deciding, then half-deciding to send in troops?  Troops who would be given strict orders to shoot to wound, if, that is, they're allowed to carry bullets at all.  And then, when it all went inevitably badly, failing to achieve whatever shifting objective the soldiers were for the moment charged to achieve, the troops would be abruptly removed  from Libya (the only truly decisive moment in the entire campaign), their embarassing retreat covered with humble apologies to anyone who would lend an ear for the US invading in the first place.  Please understand, the Administration would beg, they had to do it, Bush made them.  Meanwhile, more than a few American soldiers would have sacrificed life or limb for absolutely nothing.

What a mess!

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