Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Over His Head

It appears to me that National Review may well have hit on a theme for framing the coming election that, if employed strategically, could serve to help topple the Obama Presidency in 2012.  If his domestic policy abominations, the Mother-of-All Stimulus Packages along with Nearly-Nationalized Health Care, fail to gain sufficient political traction for whomever ends up being his GOP opponent, then perhaps this observation, put most succinctly by Rich Lowry, will:  For the job of the nation's chief executive, "this man is too small."

Consider, for example, these three pieces that have appeared at NRO in just the last few days:

Victor Davis Hanson: "Obama as Hamlet"
Michael Barone: "Obama Votes 'Present'"
Rich Lowry: "The Whiniest President Ever"


  1. I would fold it all under the rubric of "American Decline." This is a powerful message in a nation that, as a great General once said, "loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser.” There's a way to talk about decline in a way that doesn't make the people gloomy or turn them off -- Reagan did it by pounding home the theme that America's best days were still ahead....

  2. I agree...wholeheartedly! Our rendezvous with destiny awaits us still.