Monday, May 14, 2012

The Southern White Liberal

North Carolina's governor, my governor, Democrat Bev Perdue, has stuck her foot in her mouth more than once during her time in office and in one respect her most recent faux pas, reacting to the passing of the state's anti-gay marriage amendment by worrying aloud that people will think "we look like Mississippi", is only the latest.  But I find her comment more telling than just that.

Perdue is one of an easily recognizable type: the Southern White Liberal.  They hate who they are, how they talk, their accent, where they come from, where they went to school, etc.  Most, however, either won't or can't bring themselves to leave. (Daddy's or some Sugar Daddy's money?)

Now self-loathing is not unusual in a liberal, in fact, it's almost a defining trait.  But in a southerner, in a fellow southerner, I find it particularly distasteful.

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