Friday, April 9, 2010

Stevens Hangs'em Up

It looks like the Washington Nationals will not be the only nine-man (er...person) DC squad in search of more left-handed pitching. Justice John Paul Stevens called it quits today after a workmanlike 35-year career spent mostly on the bench. Nevertheless, Stevens' retirement does open a big hole in this season's Supreme Court lineup. President Obama, a lefty in every sense himself, has shown a consistently strong preference for southpaws and will likely, in order to fill the gap, call one up quickly from one of the Democrat Party farm teams.

Cries of "litmus test" from the nation's sportswriters are not likely to be heard, however, despite the strong desire to spice up their stories with controversy. While the term was one they collectively developed in order to disparage the team's previous Republican ownership, it never really fit. The GOP, a right-handed team to be sure, was as likely to call up a lefthander (Stevens, Souter, Kennedy, and even O'Connor at times) as they were a righty.

At any rate, the season is still young and it remains to be seen, whoever the replacement player turns out to be, whether he or she will help the team in this fall's (November actually) championship game.

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