Friday, April 30, 2010

Fort Sumtinorother

The reaction by the nation's liberal pundits to Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law made me think of their very different reaction to San Francisco's proud proclamation of itself as a "Sanctuary City".

Consider this irony: San Francisco's city council deliberately thwarts the federal immigration laws and not only pays no price for it, but is actually applauded by the liberal elite for doing so. Arizona's state legislature passes a law that enables it to enforce the national law and it is called effectively secessionist, not to mention racist and all the other usual liberal epithets. It's all a very confusing 21st-century Fort Sumter, but this time it seems it's the Feds who shoot first.

Anyway, I can't do better than National Review's Jonah Goldberg who makes a similar connection and more.

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