Thursday, April 29, 2010

By the Time I Get to Phoenix

I suspect some of you were wondering when I'd get around to commenting on Arizona's new law enforcing illegal immigration. Frankly, I was curious about something. Despite all the over-the-top punditry (I always did think Linda Greenhouse was just this side of nuts), have you noticed that other than President Obama, most Democrat politicians have left the issue alone. Why?

Rush Limbaugh today (Yep, I listen to him. Love him, in fact) corrected the premise of a very worried conservative caller. The caller was nervous that with the passage of the Arizona law, we were handing the Democrats an issue. Rush would have none of it. Instead, he insisted that "we own this issue."

I think he may well be correct. The relative silence of elected Democrats, compared to all the noise from the liberal chattering class, is deafening. We'll see, won't we?

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