Sunday, August 19, 2012

Try to Imagine a Biden Presidency

Now that Joe Biden has finally crossed the ever-shifting and always invisible "too far" line, John Podhoretz tells us that the Biden stories everyone in Washington has are pouring out.  I'm assuming from liberal journalists as well. Anyway, here's his and it's worth reading for the story itself, but even more so for his analysis.

As we all now know, Barack Obama was insufficiently vetted by the press and the people in 2008.  The Left, the left-leaning elite media, and all Democrats had of course no reason to; he was their guy after all.  But far too many on the Right, along with virtually all professional Republicans didn't because they were scared to death of being called racists.  (They were anyway.)

But an almost equally egregious dereliction of duty was the failure to tell the voters exactly who Joe Biden was as well. 

What he is, and always has been to anyone with, unfortunately, ears to hear, is a gas-bagging buffoon.  But, as Podhoretz makes clear, the problem with his long-windedness is it's accompanying shallowness.  Biden talks and talks, but in the end has no serious point to make, often no point at all.

(The only difference between Biden and Bill Clinton, by the way, is that Clinton's gas-baggery always has the point of trying to get into some woman's pants.)

Back to Biden.  Can anyone seriously imagine him as the president?  For that matter, can you imagine him in charge of anything?  I doubt it and that explains why until he was sworn in as VP in 2009, he's never been more than a legislator.  In our system, taking charge of either the House or Senate is all but impossible.

Will the possibility of a Biden presidency if something ever happens to Obama while in office (God forbid, and I do mean that) creep into voters' minds this fall?  Let's hope so.

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