Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Do We Mean By "Political"?

OK, Mr. President, you're right.

We're all in this together. (As if anyone were arguing that we weren't.   His penchant for constructing straw men grates.)  Your problem, however (actually, it's all of liberal-dom's problem), is that you have an extremely pinched view of the political.  Apparently for you, that which is political refers chiefly, if not exclusively, to the activities of the state, and the national state at that, i.e., the federal government.

A more accurate understanding of the political, and a healthier one too, is that it encompasses all things public (res publica) to include not only the activities of the national government, but those of state and local governments as well, not to mention churches, philanthropic organizations, and the uncountable voluntary associations, all of which have in common the addressing of, well, common concerns.

If a common concern is addressed locally by a voluntary association of some sort, that in and of itself does not make it a private instead of a public endeavor.  It is still very much a public effort.  It's just not one being done by the government.

And I suspect that is what really bugs you Mr. President.

Am I right?        



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