Thursday, July 19, 2012

Count on McCain

Reminding everyone why the Right does not and cannot trust him, Senator John McCain hustled to the Senate floor yesterday to defend Huma Abedin, aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.  If those two relationships were not unfortunate enough for poor Ms. Abedin, it seems her late father, mother, and brother were and are tied to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.  In light of that relationship, a group of five GOP congressmen, to include former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, sent a letter to the State Department's Inspector General among others, asking for a review and tightening of security policies.

Hardball politics?  Maybe.  Probably.

But according to Senator McCain the letters were in effect "accusations" against Ms. Abedin, both "ugly" and "sinister". (Sinister?)

A loyal or even a dependable Republican would have let the matter pass, keeping his mouth shut, or at least reserving his grousing for behind closed doors.  Not so Senator McCain.  Not ever Senator McCain.

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