Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh What a Night!

My fear is that the magnitude of Albert Pujols' performance last night (three homers, five hits, six RBIs) in game three of the World Series will be somewhat diminished in the midst of all the other hits made and runs scored in the Cardinals 16-7 rout of the Rangers.

We cannot let that happen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in case you didn't already know it,  Albert Pujols truly is one of the greatest hitters ever.


  1. Yes he is, and it was wonderful to see him have such an awesome night. Then again, neither team's pitching was up to par and I'm still hoping to see the Cards win this (even though I'm usually American League all the way). They weren't even supposed to be in the WS so it would really upset the apple cart if they won :)!

  2. I was traveling during the game last night, so I missed it. But it looks like the baseball gods are going to give us a good series.