Friday, May 7, 2010

The Great Reckoning

Our current economic predicament is beginning to look to me less and less like the Great Depression, or even the Great Recession that some have labeled it. Rather, our times seem increasingly to carry with them an undeniable element of justice. Hence, The Great Reckoning. Is it upon us at last?

The Dow's 1000+ point swing yesterday made everyone nervous...again, even if it could be explained away in part by a "fat finger". (I'm sceptical, by the way.) Meanwhile, the editors of Spiegel Online have penned a long piece about the state of the Greek, European, American, and world economies. You need to plow through it. While the tone of the article manages to remain mercifully this side of Gotterdammerung, it's still quite frank and quite sobering.

But does any of this really surprise us? I mean really? You need no advanced degree, nor long experience in Big Business or Wall Street to know the simple truth that you can't forever spend that which you don't have. So, I ask, "Has the bill arrived at last?"

Plagued with the leadership of hapless dilettantes for far too long, it is my great hope and fervent prayer for our country that men and women of good will, sharp minds, strong courage, and unyielding backbone will finally step forward and assume command. I remain convinced that trying times like these serve best to reveal such people. Our roll is to recognize them and then encourage them when we do. Fortunately for us, we have a great opportunity to do just that from now until this November. Let's not squander it.

Fear not!

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