Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Picture This

While I'm not particularly interested in seeing a photo of the dead Osama bin Laden, the way the White House, and more than a few Republicans as well, are defending the decision to withhold it is troubling.  It's too cautious and, as a result, signals weakness.

The only reason we should withhold the photo is because to show it is beneath us, because we're better than that, because we're better than they.

But, if we were to show it, and at the risk of being accused of "spiking the football", I'd ask you to consider doing so under the following circumstances:

In order to address the nation and the world, the President asks for prime time from all the major broadcast and cable networks.  Seated in the Oval Office in a dark suit, an American flag lapel pin prominent, he opens by briefly reviewing what has transpired and congratulating our Special Forces for their courage and skill in finding and then eliminating Osama bin Laden.  He then solemnly warns the audience of the gruesome nature of the photo he's about to show.  For a few seconds the picture of the dead man fills the screen.  When the camera cuts back to the President, he looks sternly and resolutely into the lens and delivers this message:  "If you kill, or even attempt to kill an American, this, too, will be your fate.  And make no mistake, in order to exact certain justice, this will be so whether it takes us 10 days, 10 months, or even 10 years to hunt you down."  Fade to black.

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